What we do

Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation

Right people right time.

Power your pipeline.

Expand your reach, increase qualified pipeline and close more deals faster.

We execute targeted and customized lead generation campaigns aligned to your sales strategy and outreach plan. The campaign involves, primary and secondary research, website optimization, SEO, content marketing, social media campaigns, customized list building, lead generation and other activities on need basis.

Our approach is to work collaboratively with the customers to ideate, conceptualize, customize and implement the campaign. Following is a typical approach we follow for any new client for inbound marketing

  • Phase 1: Assessment. Bring the team to a common understanding in terms of baseline rankings, marketing assets, and your organizational goals.
  • Phase 2: Buyer Journey Mapping. This involves understanding the buyer journey in terms of online research associated with different personnas that you might have.
  • Phase 3: Lead Maturity. The leads that are coming are nurtured and converted by specific campaigns and automated tools.
  • Phase 4: Inbound Campaigns. Develop a detailed content plan to attract personas by answering common questions via your blog and premium content offers.
  • Phase 5: Reporting. Campaign execution plan for the specified time period and volume is created & status reporting & feedback mechanism is set.