Who we are

Who we are

SalesZee focuses on letting the organizations connect with their target segment and create an operational model to support their market entry and growth. For Sales executives we help them connect with the criteria by which their customers will finally make their decision to buy from them. At SalesZee we believe that there is always a better way. A better way to position your product, prospect, qualify or close a deal. We work with executives to realign the GTM strategy, power the sales pipeline, improve sales effectiveness & impart sales trainings

We are passionate about your sales success

We are passionate about your sales success. We identify the missing link between current stage and sales success. We enable your sales planning, sales processes, territory planning, sales organization design, compensation design, lead generation, sales methodology selection and metrics to keep things on track.

We carry experience across geographies and industries.

Our experts carry experience across multiple geographies and industry verticals. With experience of conducting training programs in 27 locations across 3 continets. We have collective experience of over 40 years working with sales and executives across largest MNC's, mid tier IT services organizations and startups.

Flexible to meet your needs

Every organization is different and so is our approach. Even though the fundamentals remain the same the way the interventions are delivered is flexible to meet your specific needs. We are flexible in our approach in terms of how you engage with us. From annual retainership, fixed time bound deliverables, to specific interventions, we are open. Only thing we are fixed about are the results.

We care about our clients ROI

Good or bad thing about sales is that results can be measured. So, any intervention or training's impact should also be measured. We work on the KPI's and metrics we are intending to impact and measure them pre intervention and after the change is impacted. Our clients have witnessed improvements in specific KPI's post interventions. We work with our clients post the intervention to help them remove challenges and implement change.

Anubhav Ahuja

SalesZee is managed by a team of professionals headed by Anubhav Ahuja. Anubhav has over 22 years of experience in direct B2B sales, managing high performing sales team, training and coaching world class sales associates. He has worked with sales teams across 5 continents and is a go to person for sales and management advisory. His succesfull career spanning across MNC's like Gartner, Oracle, etc. or Indian companies like Binary Semantics, Sify, etc. or startups, give him the unique advantage of understanding the correct landscape and offer right advice and programs suitable for the enterprise.